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It Pays to Take a Second Look at Your Enterprise Technology Investments

mullan consulting


If you’re paying for enterprise-level information technology, significant savings are hiding in plain sight. As an experienced negotiation firm, mullan consulting revises your proposals to secure maximum value with minimal markup.

what we do


Through a simple, three-step consultative process, mullan consulting audits your outstanding IT investments to save you money. A detailed scope assessment -- factoring objective industry criteria and our relevant real-world experience -- allows us to identify inflated costs and help you start a constructive dialogue with vendors. We stay abreast of the industry’s ever-evolving complexities, helping you enter every negotiation with knowledge and confidence.


who we are


mullan consulting was founded by Scott Mullan, who brings over 30 years of IT cost optimization and executive management experience. Prior to founding mullan consulting in 2017, Scott served as Vice President of Consulting at Gartner for over 10 years, where they saved clients over $500M annually. Scott and his team are passionate about helping business owners leverage technology service agreements to their fullest potential.

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